Greetings From the World of Counseling in Kolkata!

Welcome to the first step towards changing your life! In a world where everything has become disposable and fickle, hardly anyone has time for themselves. It becomes imperative for us to stop and I really happy with my life? We spend our days in cramped work spaces and come home to screaming children and nagging family members. Our nights are overtaken by disturbing thoughts and increasing tension, leaving us starved for sleep and relaxation. If you look around you when you walk along the streets, you will find that very few people are smiling. Our coffee tables are piled with books we never got the time to read, complete with a filled coffee mug that has long gone cold since no one had the time to drink it. Is it possible to get back our lost smiles? Is it possible to regain the happiness and satisfaction that you truly deserve?

From the moment we are born till the day we close our eyes for good, we live in a world full of sights, colours, smells, and sounds that bombard our senses. We are encouraged to strive harder to succeed, to obtain stellar grades in school, get the best job in town and obtain all sorts of creature comforts, which often leads to the deterioration of our mental well-being. We do all we can to make sense of the world, but sometimes we feel overwhelmed by some of the things that we encounter. We often fall victim to our own feelings and distorted thoughts which cause us to blame the world for our problems, failing to realise that the solution lies within us! Psychological counselling provides an elegant solution to most of the problems faced during our daily interactions.